As a writer I have worked across a wide variety of content. I initally started my career as a copywriter for brands like Dyson, TAG and Lush on social and website copy, but my focus has recently shifted to longer form pieces, novel writing and screenwriting.

At the start of 2022, I got my first print work published in the globally reknowned Journal of Creative Pursuit, a magazine dedicated to highlighting the work of underrepresented voices, as the front page piece.

Finding Home Again: The Hidden Village of Kingsland Road is a piece about personal history, East Asian pride, community and the delicious food of Kingsland Road.

Here is a link to this issue if you’d like to buy yourself a copy!

And a link to an extract.
I also have such a deep love for independent film, intimate, personal story telling and beautiful, rich worlds.

The Heaviest Door takes place in a world where the UK, not the US, discovers and makes viable nuclear energy and tells the horrors of war through haunting imagery and personal grief.

Pious & Peyton is a TV Pilot about Pious, a sorcerer escaped from a cult and his magic inventor friend Peyton as they cause mischief in a misshapen and veiled fantasy realm.

The Station Between is a one page play pitch for a sci-fi short play about three people’s fates intertwined in a web of capitalism, profit and lies in a newly space faring Earth to flourish at the expense of it’s inhabitants.

The Heaviest Door Extract (First 4/10 Pages)
Pious & Peyton Extract (First 5/58 Pages)
The Station Between (Pitch Document)

Full Scripts/Documents available on request.
Here are some examples of copywriting for content creators and pitch decks.