My name's Mark and I'm a photographer, writer, unreal engine enthusiast an video editor with 13 years experience working across many different types of content.

You'll spot some gaming, luxury and even car work across my editing portfolio which spans documentary, commercial and music promos! I've delivered everything from social media posts to cinemas ads and I've also reversioned a ton of content for countries across the world in dozens of languages!

I'm a culture and screenwriter with my most recent piece being for the Journal of Creative Pursuit about the richness and subtleties on London's Vietnamese food scene (I'm half Vietnamese and half Chinese). I'm also available for copywriting in fields such as food and social.

And most recently I've completed an Unreal Engine Fundamentals course at Escape Studios! It was a 10 week course covering the interface, blueprints, textures, UVs, camera, lighting and basic scripting! I'm super excited to be starting on this journey and I can't wait to get stuck in with more 3D work!

I am currently open to freelance editing, writing and event photography work so if you think you have a project you'd like to collaborate on get in contact!

I'm also available for on set DIT and dailies transfer if you have a shoot coming up too!

I’m based in London and can work on-site, hybrid or fully remote.